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Projects completed
National Braidese Library - Brera Building - Milan
Structural improvement and installation of special systems and complete security system; transformer room, power unit, static and continuity service and new power lines for the supply of medium and low voltage. Construction work for accessibility of disabled persons and improved safety with the construction of new building structures for the new accesses - Ministry for Cultural Property and Works
National Library "Vittorio Emanuele III" - Palazzo Reale - Naples
Improvements for compliance with safety regulations of the electrical systems and distribution network on an area of over 20,000 - transformer rooms, power units, static and continuity service and related construction work - Ministry for Cultural Property and Works
State Library in Cremona - Palazzo Affaitati - Cremona
Installation and upgrade of electrical and special systems, restoration of the wooden roofing and static improvement of new access routes. Civil engineering to comply with safety regulations and construction of new structures for the new accesses - Ministry for Cultural Property and Works
Bank of Italy - Rome
Improvement of electrical systems and civil engineering at headquarters.
Ministry of the Interior - Branch Offices - Rome
Upgrading of electrical and air-conditioning systems to comply with regulations, restructuring of buildings.
Works for the construction of power stations and installation of electric and special systems.
Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems in the headquarters of the State Police.
Upgrade of the electrical systems in the garages.
Management and maintenance of electrical and technological systems in branch offices.
External lighting of various buildings.